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Since 2011 Bakery has supported and encouraged the spread of a "culture of sports" by Bakery Sport and by a series of educational activities aimed to spread values ​​such as respect, tolerance, education, entertainment and loyalty.

Bakery's commitment is to support the growth of children through sport as a key opportunity for the training and acquisition of technical and interpersonal skills.


Bakery Sport  


The first steps of the Bakery Sport company date back to September 2011, when Marco Beccari decided to bloom his love for the sport in a project: a team.

Thus, the Bakery Basket was born, a name that originates from the industrial reality and that began its journey in C1.

Bakery Basket is immediately recognized as a competent and dynamic player, determined to invest and to believe in young people, in their enthusiasm and passion for the sport, for the benefit of the entire community.


Yet the passion for sport and the desire to spread positive energy does not stop at basketball. The same year the project is duplicated: Bakery Sport  joins the Female Volleyball team, participating in the C1 Series.


In the framework of the basketball and volleyball teams and as a confirmation of Bakery values, a strong and determined commitment in order to strengthening the youth activities is added.





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